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Until 27 July 2017
Located at the following adress:
Bulgaria, 1680Sofia, Beli Brezi,bl.9

Between 27 July 2017 and the end of the Rally:
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HQ Sofia Hotel Balkan
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Calendrier Sportif International 2017 / 2017 International Sporting Calendar
Energies Nouvelles et Electriques/ Electric and New Energies
(12 compétitions / competitions)

23-26/03         ITA 1st Rally Italy - Slovenia (E-Rally Regularity)
01-02/04         ITA 2nd Eco Rally San Remo (E-Rally Regularity)
05-06/05         ESP IX Eco Rallye Vasco Navarro (E-Rally Regularity)
19-20/05         CZE 6 New Energies Rallye Cesky Krumlov (E-Rally Regularity)
08-11/06         AUT EcoNova Cup Austria (E-Rally Regularity)
28-30/07         BGR Eco Rally Bulgaria 2017 (E-Rally Regularity)
04-05/08         JPN Solar Car Race Suzuka 2017 (Solar Cars)
31/08 - 03/09 DEU Note * EcoNova Rally Germany (E-Rally Regularity)
16-17/09        SMR San Marino E-Rally (E-Rally Regularity)
29/09 - 01/10 GRC High Tech Mobility Rally 2017 (E-Rally Regularity)
25/10 - 29/10 MCO e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (E-Rally Regularity)
02-05/11        CHE EcoNova Rally Swiss (E-Rally Regularity)



For the fourth time this year sport club “INTERSPEED NG” is going to organize ECO-rally Bulgaria.

The ECO Rally Bulgaria 2017 will be organized from the 28th to 30st of July.


The purpose of Eco Rally Bulgaria is to promote the new technology of vehicles designed to conserve energy and to emit the smallest possible quantities of pollutants and CO2. It is also aimed at encouraging drivers to change their driving habits, giving priority to the protection of the environment and to the sustainability of the transport sector through the use of alternative fuels and electricity as their vehicle`s propelling energy sources.

The FIA Electric and New Energy Shampionship Cup events are quite similar to the well-known sporting rallies (speed rallies) in which the same field of competition for the accurate movement of the vehicles from one time control station to the next also exists. The only difference is in the other field of competition in which instead of the speed “special stages” (against the clock) of the sporting rallies we have “regularity stages” (in conformity with the clock) competition.

It is important to emphasise that Eco –Rally is not “speed” event and that consequently, there is no need for any specific safety equipment for the participating vehicles and crews. All Electric, and New energy vehicles, officially registered to be driven on public roads are eligible to participate in the event, under exactly the same conditions as when driving in everyday use.

All persons involved in the Eco-rally type event are required to demonstrate their serious concern for environmental protection by avoiding acts or omissions which would in any way disrupt or contaminate the surrounding areas or generate unnecessary noise.

Precautions to be taken include the following:

-Consider, and reduce, the environmental impact when involved in an Eco-Rally event, before, during and after the event. This also includes ancillary activities.

-Use eco-labelled products, in all activities, if possible.

-Before taking part, plan how to act to prevent environmental accidents.

-Organisers marshals and participants should not throw away or leave on site any objects or materials, such as bottles and metal or plastic packaging materials, leftover food, spare tyres, old spares, etc., along the entire itinerary of the event. The general rule is the obligation to leave the spaces from where we move or where we stand cleaner than we found them.

-We should avoid causing unnecessary noise by sudden acceleration or hard braking or by using the horn of the car unnecessarily.

-The pollution of the spaces around us from liquids of any kind, such as oils, fuels, etc. when refueling and during any repairs of vehicles, is absolutely prohibited.

-All vehicles should adhere strictly to the legislation regarding noise standards in force in the country of the event.

-The personnel manning the Time Control Stations or Passage Control Stations should have a sufficient quantity of waste collection bags and, on their departure from the point of operation, not leave behind any object or material used for the execution of their duties, such as labeling strips, plates, all kinds of auxiliary materials, and food waste and packaging.

-In the Regrouping Areas, particular attention should be paid to maintaining the cleanliness of the space and to garbage collection. In these spaces specifically, the rule that we leave the area cleaner than we found it should be strictly applied.

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